Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a common problem across the globe since booze is taken as a recreational drug. Many people often abuse alcohol unknowingly. They assume they have control over their drinking habit until they suffer the detrimental effects from the booze. However, patients should seek alcoholics rehabilitation immediately once they discover they have issues with their drinking habits. The following are some of the common alcohol abuse warning signs that one should be on the lookout for:

Drinking Alone – If you have the habit of drinking alone so that no one will realize the amount you take, then you are likely consuming volumes of alcohol which may be indicative of a problem. In many cases, patients with a drinking problem often take alcohol in moderate amounts when they are with friends but later continue drinking when they are alone.

Understanding Alcoholism

Dishonest Behaviors – If you deliberately lie about the amount of alcohol you normally take in fear that people will judge you because of your drinking habit, this is an indication that you are aware that you are taking more amount than is safe. People with these kinds of habits often hide alcohol in the house in unmarked bottles so that they can continue drinking without letting others know they have a problem.

Increased Tolerance – If your alcohol tolerance has risen drastically, alcoholics rehabilitation treatment is required. If you were drinking two bottles of alcohol to get a buzz, but are now taking up to four bottles to get the same feeling, you need to get help since you are becoming more immersed in alcoholism.

Increased Time Drinking – In case you have developed a habit of drinking for longer hours than your friends, you are likely abusing alcohol and you need help. If you are also quarreling with your spouse over the habit of hanging out for long hours, you need to seek help for moderating your alcoholic behaviors.

Drinking in the Morning – If the first thing you do the moment you wake up is drink, this is an indicator that you have a problem that may need to be addressed professionally. Whether you are drinking to suppress a hangover or the day to day stress, this drinking habit is a strong indication that you are having a problem. Going to work under the influence and reduced performance of the patient are other common warning signs to seek the help of an alcoholics rehabilitation program.

Memory Lapse – This is a common sign that you need alcoholics rehabilitation. Patients forget about things they said or did in events they had attended previously. Loss of short-term memory when drunk is a warning sign that patients are taking more alcohol than they should.

Suppression of Stress – If you have taken to drinking alcohol after work to help in suppressing the day-to-day stress, it is dangerous, since it predisposes you to alcohol addiction. This is because you will have to take more alcohol the moment the effect wears off, as the problems will still be there. This habit often creates problems in relationships, work, and sometimes with the law.

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